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Growing up amid a flourishing art scene in Cambridge, England, I have literally been immersed in the arts all my life. From a young age I visited artists’ studios, galleries and museum exhibitions with my family and friends, and I was exposed to a range of impressive interiors which helped inform my contemporary eclectic aesthetic. After studying visual arts, graphic design and photography at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, I came to New York and graduated with honors in painting and literature from Columbia University, NY. As an artist and curator, I have first hand knowledge of the gallery scene and what is trending in the art world. For over a decade I have honed my skills as a curator mounting multiple gallery exhibitions in New York State and beyond.


State Of The Art was launched in 2015, after realizing a need for in-home placement and installation for people who had recently acquired artworks. I have since helped numerous clients select and install artworks for their home or office. This lead to clients requesting interior design and decor concepts to update and revitalize their space and I have overseen several projects. I now provide staging services for clients whether they plan to stay or sell.


I enjoy working closely with each client and developing their personal creative story. I have recently relocated upstate but continue to help clients in Westchester County, NY, Columbia County, NY, The Berkshires, MA and Dutchess County, CT.

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