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An initial consultation establishes artwork requirements and budget, and an on-site walk through is usually set up. Some Clients are beginning or developing a collection, while others may be looking to beautify a particular space.  


State Of The Art then develops a personalized art-scope portfolio for the client's consideration. Based on feedback, a final recommendation of art or photography will be presented.  


Gallery, art fair and/or artist studio visits can be arranged as required. After artwork acquisition, placement and installation are organized. Frame suggestions are also discussed. 

Owner Katharine Dufault personally consults with each client to find out what they like and what they require.  She will create a personalized visual story and will advise on interior design and furnishings as needed. .


State Of The Art provides the service of skillfully positioning and installing art to create a stunning visual experience.

State Of The Art employs fine art professionals for every aspect of each project and works with many art world professionals:

  • Frame fabricators and services​

  • Fine-art archival print services

  • Installers

  • Designers

State Of The Art has a large roster of artists who work in a variety of mediums - photography, painting, digital print, etc, - and styles to suit every requirement.

State Of The Art maintains relationships with many galleries both in Westchester and New York.

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