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State Of The Art - Consulting & Design provides creative and comfortable interiors by bringing together inspiration and imagination. Owner Katharine Dufault excels at providing creative solutions, given her clients’ set budget and needs. 



The first job is to clearly define the distinctive needs and requirements you have for your space by understanding how you want to live and use your space. Through conversation and image sharing Katharine will work with you to determine what items you want to keep and incorporate into your house, such as existing furniture, artwork and accessories. Time line and budget are also discussed. Then an overall “design concept” is created for your new space which will include plans and suggestions for updating the furnishings, fixtures and accessories. Katharine will help to implement the overall design concept and will oversee the project from initial design concept to completion. Or, for clients who want to do most of the work themselves, she will provide the overall plan and check-in as required. 

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